Manufacturing Process
The Process Stages

The Process Stages

  1. Field (seeding, treating, harvesting)
  2. Reception/approval: control, analysis and verification of compliance with specified requirements (taste, color, grade, ripeness….)
  3. Sorting by ventilation
  4. Sifting/washing: separation of the more dense products (glass), first wash
  5. Trimming (beans)
  6. Grading some vegetables/fruits (extra fine, very fine, fine…) according to their dimensions
  7. Blanching at around 95˚C to reduce the activity of degrading enzymes
  8. Filling with the most accurate measurement of the quantity of vegetables indicated on the label
  9. Juicing: filling with brine or syrup (water, salt, sugar, spices that give flavors to the ingredient)
  10. Capping (jars), Seaming (cans) to ensure the best conservation up to till the expiry date printed on the cap
  11. Sterilization/pasteurization: destruction through heat(130˚C/95˚C) of microbes that would make the product inedible. A process that cooks the product and assures its conservation
  12. Storage of Unlabeled cans/jars in warehouses
  13. Labeling: upon order, labeling is done in the respective language. It indicates the content, info of weight and composition, as well as nutritional data
  14. Packaging of the labeled cans/jars in the warehouse
  15. Delivery by trucks to retailers


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